Venture Accelerator Seedcamp Closes a New 3 Euro Million Fund | Techcrunch

Sarah Lacy of Techcrunch has an interesting post on Seedcamp, a European based accelerator that just raised 3 million euros. Includes a video interview with partner Reshma Sohoni.

It is a combination of Y Combinator, a competition like TechCrunch Disrupt and a super angel, but one that aggressively takes itself on the road every month to find the best startups in emerging markets, particularly Eastern Europe. (It’s not unlike my own obsessive emerging market reporting. Oh wait, it’s completely different. They have actual money to invest.)

We caught up with Seedcamp’s other founder Reshma Sohoni to find out more about Seedcamp’s newly enlarged global ambitions.

More than money, Seedcamp gives crucial mentorship for these early companies and has a decent track record over the last three years of helping these diamonds-in-the-rough connect with big Western investors like Union Square Ventures and Index Ventures, who is also a backer of SeedCamp.

via Seedcamp Closes a New $3 Million Fund, Plans to Expand Globally (TCTV).


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