New Entrepreneurial Journalism Center and MA Degree at CUNY

Really interesting and smart new entrepreneurial journalism master’s degree program – a must for J-Schools (as well as art, medical, law, engineering, accounting, psychology, and many other schools that make up the modern American University).

The new program at CUNY is funded by the Knight Foundation and the Tow Foundation .

As a side note, I also heard that Northwestern’s Medill School of Journalism is considering changing its name to Medill School of Journalism, Media, Integrated Marketing Communications. (I must disclose that my older sister earned a Masters of Integrated Marketing Communications from Medill about 12 years ago, I think she was in one of the ‘early’ classes.)

From the press release on the CUNY Entrepreneural Journalism program.

In conjunction with the Tow-Knight Center, the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism plans to launch a new Master of Arts degree in Entrepreneurial Journalism, the first ever. It will be a two-year program for select students, adding business training and research to the School’s existing three-semester M.A. degree in Journalism. Students will be trained to launch their own enterprises or work within traditional media companies.

Faculty members are developing courses for the new M.A. degree. The courses, which will be pilot-tested next spring, are expected to teach business and management skills, the new dynamics of news and media economics, and technology and project management, with apprenticeships at New York startups. Upon approval by the New York State Education Department, the first entrepreneurial degrees are expected to be awarded in the spring of 2012, to students currently enrolled in the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism.

The School also plans to open the courses to mid-career professional journalists who would earn a new Certificate in Entrepreneurial Journalism upon completion of the program.

“With our emphasis on new technology and our research experience in new business models for news, we believe we can help build a sustainable future for journalism,” Shepard said. “What Stanford and MIT bring to the technology industry in nurturing innovation, we believe journalism also needs. We hope to meet that need with the Tow-Knight Center.”

The future of the campus lies in teaching everyone how to create their own business. Not all will or will have to, but the understanding of the role of entrepreneurship and its processes are crucial as our economy continues to evolve and reorder itself. Some industries have already been radically shaken, such as journalism, media generally, and communications. In many ways, the entrepreneurial journalism program is way overdue.

What other schools and types of programs are and need to be integrating entrepreneurship, business model, analysis, and other tools to help their graduates?



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