Tyra Banks Proves Her Brilliance, Enrolls at Harvard Business School

Harvard Business School is great at Executive Education — where the real money in business school seems to be generated according to various authors/critics — and Tyra Banks is great in the media business.

Banks wanting more, has decided to head to HBS for some executive education — specifically the Owners/President Management program. From the Harvard Crimson:

She is currently enrolled in the Business School’s Executive Education Owner/President Management Program (OPM), according to Jacqueline Baugher, director of the OPM program.

Baugher said the program usually attracts “presidents and CEOs of companies with sales from anywhere between five million to several billion dollars.”

With annual earnings upwards of $20 million and a foundation to her name, Banks should fit in with the other businesspeople participating in the executive education program.

But Banks stands out among her classmates due to her celebrity status. Baugher said that people of Banks’ fame don’t frequently attend the OPM program.

via Tyra Banks Enrolls at Harvard Business School | News | The Harvard Crimson.


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