University of Buffalo Entrepreneur Finds Success With Old Software

University of Buffalo senior Alexander Levine has found great success, and funded his education, with his website — a source for old versions of software and video games. This begs the questions — are non-business students more entrepreneurial than business students? From the UB Reporter:

The site’s success has made Levine into an entrepreneur. Advertising revenue has paid for his education at UB, and he has ideas for other software-related startups he would like to launch after he graduates next May.

“I just love the process of creating something,” says Levine, who has taken several entrepreneurship courses at UB’s Millard Fillmore College.

“When I first started the site, it was about making some money,” he says, “but now I love the process of creating. I love the hustle of starting a business.”

The son of economists who emigrated in 1995 from St. Petersburg, Russia, to the Syracuse suburb of Liverpool, Levine created his own major at UB: theatre anthropology, with a focus on the Russian experience.

He studies how different cultures approach theater, with an emphasis on his native Russia, where he studied for a semester.

While theater and business may seem to have little in common, Levine says that for him, “It’s all connected.”

He explains that studying and observing theater has enabled him to become a more confident public speaker—a useful quality for an entrepreneur. In addition, he says that learning about different cultures and spending time overseas taught him that companies will be more likely to succeed if they respect the unique cultures of the markets they hope to enter.

via Young entrepreneur keeps old software programs alive – UB Reporter.


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