Entrepreneurship on Campus | Jonathan Ortmans

Jonathan Ortmans of the Policy Dialogue on Entrepreneurship offers some highlights and specific examples of how big entrepreneurship has become on campus. From Ortmans:

Today, more than two-thirds of college and universities in the United States now offer at least one course in entrepreneurship. Many colleges and universities that have embraced entrepreneurship started by offering entrepreneurship courses in their business schools, and then moved on to creating entrepreneurship as an academic field itself, allowing students to major or obtain a Masters degree in it. The approaches vary, however. Some universities offer minor degree programs or introductory courses. Others have focused on expanding the role of technology transfer, or on mentoring students in their start-up efforts (e.g. The LaunchPad at the University of Miami). Yet other campuses have created entire centers devoted to the advancement of entrepreneurship. (e.g. the Center of Entrepreneurship and Public Policy at George Mason University).

In most cases, all these initiatives have involved faculty and students from a variety of academic disciplines, not just from the business school. Take Georgetown University, for example, which just recently (April 18, 2011) thanked the many people (student leaders, faculty, business leaders and volunteers) for their entrepreneurship activities at the first annual Georgetown Entrepreneurship Celebration. Campus organizations, such as Compass Incubator, the Energy and Cleantech Club, Georgetown Entrepreneurship Organization (GEO) and the Kairos Society were recognized for their contributions.

via Entrepreneurship on Campus – Entrepreneurship.org.


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