Tech Companies Expand ‘Student Ambassador’ Programs – Video

Jeff Young of the Chronicle of Higher Education’s Wired Campus has an interesting piece on Google, Apple, and Microsoft’s ‘hiring’ of student ambassadors (evangelists) on major campuses to represent their products and brands. Its clear leaders of these tech firms remember the roots of their success reach their time on campus (whether they dropped out or worked at graduate levels). From Young:

Companies of all types have long sought to win the hearts and minds of college students, but technology companies seem increasingly willing to allow students behind the curtain on product development, in an age when the hottest tech services continue to bubble up from college campuses.

Google, for instance, plans to increase the number of “student ambassadors” on campuses from 126 last year to more than 150 this fall, said Miriam Schneider, a Google product-marketing manager. Next month the company will fly all of the student representatives to Google’s headquarters for a two-day summit, where they will see demonstrations of Google products so they can better hype them to their classmates.

via Tech Companies Expand ‘Student Ambassador’ Programs – Wired Campus – The Chronicle of Higher Education.


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