A Nation of Entrepreneurial Engineers | Stanford Technology Ventures Program’s New National Center is Launching

Stanford University received a $10 million NSF grant and is attempting to “fundamentally change how engineers are educated in America” by creating the National Center for Teaching Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Engineering.

Learn more about it in a piece by Prof. Tom Byers, faculty co-director of the Stanford Technology Ventures Program (the entrepreneurship center in their school of engineering). From Professor Tom Byers:

Our program believes these concepts are a major key to unlocking the full potential of students to become world-changing innovators. With this grant, we hope to encourage this idea and share the wealth of dynamic entrepreneurship education insights being generated at universities across the US. Our aim is nothing less than to fundamentally change how engineers are educated in America.

Along with Stanford Professors Kathleen Eisenhardt and Sheri Sheppard, my fellow principal investigators on the project, we hope this center will catalyze changes in undergraduate U.S. engineering programs by developing an education, research and outreach hub for the creation and sharing of resources among the almost 350 U.S. engineering schools.

The center, launching operation in September 2011, will focus on three critical goals:

Create the next wave of American innovators and entrepreneurs who will build lasting economic growth and job creation.

Provide offerings tailored to address the distinct innovation education issues across all engineering disciplines.

Leverage an open platform to connect students and faculty across U.S. engineering schools to share the latest tools and insights related to entrepreneurship education.

via A Nation of Entrepreneurial Engineers Will Drive Innovation | Stanford Technology Ventures Program.


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