What is Adaptly? A Northwestern Born Start-Up

From Alyson Shontell at Business Insider, a story on Northwestern student created Adaptly advertising network:

Nikhil Sethi is 23 years old. He met his 22-year-old cofounder, Garret Ullom, at Northwestern University in a Probability of Statistics of Random Signals class.

Ullom was a computer science major; Sethi was studying electrical engineering and law.

Sethi’s father had tried his hand at entrepreneurship, and Sethi began dabbling in it at an early age. He interned at True Ventures and HBO and, during his sophomore year, he tried to raise $80 million for a logistics company.

Naturally, investors told him he was crazy, so he went back to the drawing board, this time with Ullom.

The two began working on a side project which would become Adaptly, a social media ad server and analytics platform.

via What is Adaptly?.


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