Opportunity for Students Interested in Entrepreneurship and Marketing: Apprentice Upstart

Marketing entrepreneur and author Yanik Silver has put together a great offering called Apprentice Upstart. Students aged 13-23 can apply for this educational program that offers various courses and the opportunity to implement course concepts in the real world with real businesses. Check it out. From the Apprentice Upstart website describing what it offers to students:

“you’ll be able to receive free scholarship(s) to learn cutting-edge information, tactics and techniques for online marketing and Internet promotion taught by real-world experts. (Course values range from $200 – $1,000.00+)

Training scholarships will be paid for by businesses that are looking for online marketing assistance.

In return, you pledge to use your new skills, talent and brainpower to help the business owner who granted your online learning scholarship.

You’ll be placed into power groups of 4 to apply the training to the real-world opportunities and issues facing small business owners.

Those of you interested in online businesses and start-ups should look into this program. Its an opportunity to learn, work with businesses, and check out Yanik and his amazing work.

via Apprentice Upstart.


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