Do You Need to Unlearn College to Work at a Startup?

Was lucky to have @badboyboyce follow me on twitter and found a great post recounting some of his experiences as the Founder’s Apprentice at Skillshare. (It appears he now works there full time). From his post, Why Every Founder Needs an Apprentice:

The first two weeks working at Skillshare was un-learning everything that I learned in college. I learned (and am still learning) the Action Method, made famous by Behance, where Michael himself had worked, and sifted through dozens of articles from the 99% & Harvard Business Review on ways to work efficiently and productively in a creative environment.

Moving the ball forward, accomplishing 2-3 small but meaningful tasks each day, breaking down goals into action-steps, learning that time is the lifeblood for any startup with only 5 employees: these are the lessons I got to learn in the trenches of a startup looking to break out.

via Skillshare • Why Every Founder Needs an Apprentice.


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