Zuckerberg Looks Back and Speaks on Things He Might Do Differently

Is Mark Zuckerberg the greatest student entrepreneur of all time? Or is it Bill Gates, Michael Dell, Fred Smith, Kevin Plank or Tom Szaky? Regardless, Inc has a cool piece covering Zuckerberg’s visit to YCombinator.

If he could do it over again, the Facebook CEO said he would keep his company—started in his Harvard University dorm room—in Boston.

“If I were starting now, I’d do it very differently—but I knew nothing back then,” he said in an interview at Y Combinator’s Startup School. “You get this feeling when you’re out here that you kind of have to be in Silicon Valley. There’s all these great engineers out here, there’s great universities, there’s a lot of great VCs, you can get people to help you set up a company well… you can rent data center space—all this stuff.”

Apparently Zuckerberg appears at 43 minutes of this video.


via Mark Zuckerberg: You Don’t Have to Move to Silicon Valley | Inc.com.

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