9 Student Start-up Ideas from Class

This semester my New Venture Creation course has 9 teams completing business plans. Here are the 9 new business ideas that these undergraduate management majors have settled on after a few pivots (more to come btw and these are in no particular order).

  • Hotel vending machine that provides quality soaps, razors, headphones, batteries etc.,  lessening the need of hotel operator to offer those services and/or small shops and providing higher margin revenue opportunities
  • “After Hours Tour Operator” in D.C. for parents and business travelers to relax after ‘official D.C.’ is closed for the day
  • Solar Charging Smart Phone Case that captures solar and ambient light and provides supplemental power to smartphones
  • Music based curriculum for k-12 that improves learning through song
  •  Natural, fresh dog food available for delivery or purchase from a “dog” food truck at a dog park or farmers market near you
  • Suburban roller rink offering unique and healthy family entertainment opportunities
  • On campus taxi service to move students and their belongings to and from far off parking lots (downside of growth of GMU)
  • Jean fitting smartphone application to ensure the perfect fit the first time
  • Aftermarket device that prevents automobile or vehicle from starting vehicle if seat belt is not engaged

There is a nice diversity of ideas here trying to solve different problems. A few of these are close to their minimum viable product and are ready to begin generating revenue.



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