Tough Mudder on Bloomberg Enterprise | HBS Student Entrepreneur

Electric Shocks @toughmudder

About 8 months ago I began training for the Marine Corps Marathon and while surfing fitness websites came across a Mustache Man Tough Mudder Training Video (watch below). I was intrigued by Tough Mudder, a special forces inspired adventure race and learned that it had been created by an HBS student (whose HBS professors questioned the viability of the adventure marketplace – NYT). No matter, entrepreneur Will Dean launched with an iteration of his Tough Mudder race and found customers quickly.

Bloomberg’s Matt Miller (@mattmiller1973) has completed the race and a Bloomberg’s Enterprise episode on Tough Mudder which airs Nov 17, 2011 at 9:00 pm EST.

Bloomberg’s Matt Miller checks out one of the 12-mile obstacle courses of fast-growing adventure sports company Tough Mudder and interviews co-founder Will Dean about how he turned a Harvard Business School project into a national brand with over $20 million in revenue and global expansion on the horizon.

The video gets great at 1:30 ish.

I am hoping to do a Tough Mudder event in 2012. Looks like a fun day. Anyone out there complete a race?

via Bloomberg Enterprise: Successful Mid-sized Companies – Bloomberg.


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