Freshmen Entrepreneurs at Samford University | Student Entrepreneur

I have often lamented that my entrepreneurship course is only offered to senior management majors, leaving students little time to expirement with skills, tools, and frameworks from class as they are already in full on job search mode.

Apparently Samford University in Georgia has solved this issue by offering entrepreneurship to freshman. From Samford University:

“As we built our entrepreneurship program, we benchmarked against top programs in the country,” said Franz Lohrke, Brock Family Chair in Entrepreneurship. “We quickly realized that one important part of training future entrepreneurs was to expose them to critical issues related to starting a business early in their college experience. We redesigned BUSA 100 with this in mind, and we are now one of the few business schools in the country where students can take an entrepreneurship course and compete in their own division of a business plan competition during their freshman year. Most schools offer these opportunities to students once they have been admitted to the business school during their junior year.

The bigger issue is getting entrepreneurship out of the business school. Did I just post that? That said, great step by Samford University.

via Samford University’s Brock School of Business Freshman Entrepreneurship Course Selected as Finalist for a National Innovative Teaching Award > News > Brock School of Business > Samford University > Birmingham, Alabama.


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