Incubators vs BSchool | Forbes Weighs In

Earlier this week I spent some time at MTech on the campus of the University of Maryland, we discussed the value of education in the face of accelerators, etc. For highly technical startups, engineering, biology, physics, and other hard sciences offer tremendous learning opportunities that firm focused efforts can.

Forbes offers 8 Reasons Why Incubators May Be Better Than Business School:

But if you’d prefer to bypass the corporate ladder and actually build something of your own, spending upwards of $140,000 and two years without pay is just about the worst way to go about it. Because looming outside those classroom walls is a creature far less merciful than any b-school professor: the market. Customers, you may be surprised to find, don’t give a damn about your degree—and the market will fire you faster than any ungrateful boss.

Want to take the plunge but need a bit of guidance and support? Applying to a so-called startup incubator may be a far better option than business school.

via Eight Reasons Startup Incubators Are Better Than Business School – Forbes.


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