Kauffman Foundation Awards 15 Dissertation Fellowships | Entrepreneurship Research

I applied for the Kauffman Dissertation Fellowship Program this year and was rejected. Here is information on the 15 that received the award. From the Kauffman Foundation:

The Kauffman Dissertation Fellowship Program annually recognizes 15 exceptional doctoral students and their universities. Fifteen fellowships in the amount of $20,000 each will be awarded to the students to support their dissertation research in the area of entrepreneurship. Including the current class of fellows, 138 awards have been made since the program was created in 2003. More information on the Kauffman Dissertation Fellowship Program can be found at http://www.kauffman.org/kdfp .

The 2012 fellowship recipients, along with their university affiliations and the titles of their dissertations, are:

Mabel Botelho Abraham, Massachusetts Institute of Technology “Gendered Networks or Gendered Networking? Sex-Differences in Patterns of Network Activation and Returns to Social Ties for Male and Female Entrepreneurs”

Seth Carnahan, University of Maryland, College Park “Patterns and Performance of Entrepreneurship that Crosses Industry Boundaries”

Edward J. Egan, University of California, Berkeley “Rights to Valuations in Venture Capital Backed Startups: The Effects of Reputations”

Erik P. Gilje, Boston College “Does Local Access to Finance Matter?: Evidence from U.S. Oil and Natural Gas Shale Booms”

Juanita Gonzalez Uribe, Columbia University “Knowledge Transfer in Venture Capital Networks”

Walker Hanlon, Columbia University “An Empirical Investigation of Directed Technical Change and Inter-Industry Spillovers”

Nahoko Kameo, University of California, Los Angeles “From the Lab to the Shelf: Changes in the Commercialization of Scientific Discoveries in Japan, 1980-2010”

Lauren Lanahan, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill “Spurring Innovation and Entrepreneurialism within States: Three Studies of State Level R&D Policies”

Mahka Moeen, University of Maryland, College Park “Reconfiguration Strategies for Entrepreneurial Entry and Creation of New Industries: Three Essays”

Vincenzo Palermo, Georgia Institute of Technology “Essays on Markets for Technology: The Role of Licensing as a Complementary Strategy to Internal R&D”

Pian Shu, Massachusetts Institute of Technology “The Allocation of Talent Over the Business Cycle and the Long-Term Impact on Innovation: Evidence from M.I.T.”

Dan Wang, Stanford University “Creating Value by Coming Home: A Comparative Study of Returnee Entrepreneurship Across the Globe”

Tiantian Yang, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill “Structuration of Social Inequality: Explaining Diverging Pathways of Entrepreneurs and their New Ventures”

Marek Zapletal, University of Michigan “Impact of Occupational Licensing Regulation on Entrepreneurship”

Bo Zhao, University of Michigan “The Effects of State Innovation Programs on Entrepreneurial Firms: Three Essays”

Some very interesting research in there, I look forward to learning more about these dissertations and scholars. Congrats to all.

via Kauffman Foundation Honors Promising Scholars for Ground-Breaking Research in Entrepreneurship – MarketWatch.


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