VatorNews – The Latest Graduates of 500 Startups

Just reading through some news and came across this new venture, out of the 500 startups movement. One School appears to be a student created venture out of Penn State;

One School: Students are on their mobile phones most of the day, but very few of them have an application personalized to their college needs. One School has created a mobile application that helps pull together all the course schedule, homework lists, class notes, college campus maps and nearby events on one application. Rolling out with partnerships of major college cap uses, One School has seen tremendous adoption rates.

Only on campus for two weeks, 20% of Stanford’s student body has downloaded the application. The purchasing power of students is $500 million per year and helping them stay connected to their campus and the things they need could be an invaluable resource across the country. One School has already partnered with a handful of big college campuses and has raised $750,000 so far.

via VatorNews – Meet the latest graduates of 500 Startups – Part 2.


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