For BShools, Entrepreneurship is a Bridge to Campus | WaPo

Informative piece from the Business Insider of the Washington Post on DC Metro Business Schools (including GMU’s SOM) and their efforts to spread entrepreneurship beyond the business school. By Steven Overly:

But for universities, entrepreneurship itself is relatively new as a field of study. There’s less research and fewer textbooks to support it than other subjects, leaving some schools to struggle with how to best build it into the curriculum.

An academic bridge

Students from across George Mason University’s Northern Virginia campuses were eligible to enroll in a minor program focused on entre­pre­neur­ship at the start of the academic year. It’s an undertaking that was three years in the making.

Mahesh Joshi, an associate professor of management, was one of the program’s architects. The classes build on a growing belief at George Mason that entre­pre­neur­ship should not belong to any one department, he said.

“If business schools said that creative ideas can only come from the school of business, it would be to their detriment,” Joshi said. “They can arise anywhere.”

I have met a few of the students in the new entrepreneurship minor (as well as many business, public policy, humanities, and nursing students interested in entrepreneurship) and students today are ready to go at entrepreneurship. Its exciting to see so much taking place across the DC Metro and watching as it evolves into part of the broader startup and venture community

via For business schools, entrepreneurship is a bridge to other parts of campus – The Washington Post.


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