25 Most Beautiful College Libraries | Campus Ecosystem

In my research, I propose a framework for viewing the campus based on the Frontier Thesis of Frederick Jackson Turner. One of the attributes that Turner points to as having made the frontier an innovative and entrepreneurial place was that assets were readily available. Universities, like frontiers, also present asset rich environments that high impact entrepreneurs exploit. One such example is the library system — often with a massive, beautiful and inspiring library at the center. Does this add to the creative mix of a campus? I believe so.

From Flavorwire, the 25 most beautiful college libraries (I have been fortunate to have studied in two of the libraries on the list)

The college library, whether ornate or modern, digital or dusty, is in many ways the epicenter of the college experience — at least for some students. It is at once a shining emblem of vast, acquirable knowledge, a place for deep discussions and meetings of the mind, and of course, a big building full of books, which, as far as we’re concerned, is exciting enough. Colleges and universities are understandably quite proud of their libraries, which can be a selling point for prospective students and donating alumni alike, and they often become the most well-designed and beautifully adorned buildings on campus. To that end, and perhaps to inspire your studies a bit, we’ve collected a few of the most beautiful college and university libraries in the world, from Portugal to France to Boston. Did your alma mater’s library make the list? Or did we miss one of your favorites?

via Flavorwire » The 25 Most Beautiful College Libraries in the World.


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