What Motivates Tomorrow’s Great Entrepreneurs? | Inc.com | Breaking Rules

Not really a surprise, but keep this in mind when you are out on that island all alone, with doubters on every side (see Teddy Roosevelt on critics). From Inc Magazine:

Today’s young entrepreneurs are motivated to start companies because they hate authority and want to break all the rules, according to a recent study of 250 business owners between the ages of 18 and 22 years old.

The study, released by Humantelligence, a behavioral science research and consulting firm that provides online tools, found that just over 60 percent of those studied showed that valuing their freedom and doing things their own way was a dominant motivator—a mere 1 percent see themselves as wanting to create or adhere to structure.

Two Humantelligence directors, Andres Blumer and Ryder Fyrwald, presented these findings last week at the three-day Kairos Global Summit 2012 held at the New York Academy of Medicine and hosted by Kairos Society, a non-profit organization seeking to foster entrepreneurship amongst those ages 18 to 22. The organization brings together the best and brightest young entrepreneurs in the world.

via What Motivates Tomorrow’s Great Entrepreneurs? | Inc.com.


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