GW’s Startup Career Expo | InTheCapital

I attended the Student Startup Career Expo at GWU yesterday and it was awesome. I met some great students, some great startups, and great university leaders at the event. From Carl Pierre of In the Capital:

This event was unparalleled to any other I’ve been to due to the sheer number of exciting organizations and startups that were participating. I applaud George Washington University and it’s Director of GW’s Office of Entrepreneurship, Jim Chung, who managed to organize one of D.C.’s most unprecedented startup events.

One of the biggest benefits of this event was allowing D.C. startups to connect with one of the biggest talent pools the area: college students. A growing problem with startup communities across the country is having a dwindling talent pool to draw employees from, but one of the great untapped resources available to many burgeoning companies is the eager population of college students that live right here in the District. There are literally thousands of students that are looking for an opportunity to gain experience with a growing business or startup, a fact that many employers tend to overlook.

Another amazing benefit of the event was that the students that were attended the fair were privy to some amazing internships and employment opportunities. All of the positions offered by the startups at the fair entailed some incredible hands-on experience that you would be lucky to find in any other organization or company.

via GW’s Startup Career Expo Was a Phenomenal Success | InTheCapital.


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