7 New Educational Startups | TechCrunch

Interesting piece at Tech Crunch by Wayne Sutton on 7 new educational startups. Some cool companies in here no matter the founders’ backgrounds. From Sutton at TechCrunch:

So where are all these startups hiding you ask? Well here are seven up-and-coming educational startups founded by minorities that I believe will have an significant impact in the educational space – not just for minorities but for anyone looking to learn online, current students and teachers alike.

1. UniversityNow

The mission of UniversityNow is to help ensure that affordable, high quality post-secondary education is available to people everywhere. To accomplish this, UniversityNow is building a network of the most affordable and accessible accredited universities in the world, starting with the launch of New Charter University.

Gene Wade, Co-Founder

2. Houlton Institute

Houlton packages courses into credentialed and non-credentialed programs targeting adult learners. By revenue sharing with partnering institutions, partners are able to monetize their expertise. Houlton creates one-of-a-kind online programs from its unique and exclusive partner network, which are disseminated via Houlton’s scalable, personalized, web-based learning platform.

Dennis Robinson and Dan Merritts, Co-Founders

3. Demo Lesson

Demo Lesson is a revolutionary online hiring platform that gives teachers the power to market themselves.

Mandela Schumacher Hodge and Brian Martinez, Co-Founders

4. Qeyno Labs

Qeyno Labs works with local partners and schools to bring technology-enabled career discovery into under-served classrooms using game-like rewards and mentorship from successful professionals.

Kalimah Priforce, Co-Founder

5. StockOfU

StockOfU allows individuals and businesses to buy “shares” of college students in order to help subsidize a student’s education costs.

Ty McDuffie, Founder

via 7 New Educational Startups Founded By Minorities in Tech | TechCrunch.

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