Startup Weekend Leaders Join our Lean MOOC Experiment | AshokaU | GMU | #socent

Over the past 6 weeks I have been fortunate to work on developing and teaching a  MOOC (massive open online course) titled Entrepreneurship and Globalization: Making the Most of 21st Century Opportunity. This effort did not take years of planning or a $60 million dollar partnership or the removal of a university president.

Led by GMU’s Phil Auerswald, Erin Krampetz of Ashoka U, Michael Youngblood (Innovations Journal) and me, we have quickly stood up this course as a joint effort of Ashoka U and GMU’s Center for Social Entrepreneurship.

Tonight our experiment rolls on and Mark Nager and Franck Nouyrigat of Startup Weekend join us via our live audio feed. Our session this week is on Lean Startup ideas and methods. You can listen to the class live here.

In standing up class this class we have adapted the syllabus from the class of the same title being taught by Prof Auerswald to graduate students in GMU’s School of Public Policy this summer.

We are using low cost and free resources such as Bookneto, Google +, BlogTalkRadio, and Twitter. Our hashtag, btw, is #AshokUOnline. We are going to award certificates and are talking to various third parties around badges related to skills and tools covered in the course and the assignments.

We have made some mistakes along the way and will make a few more, but in the true spirit of lean methods and customer development we have continually engaged our customers.

Moreover, we have tried to embrace the spirit of MOOCS, watching and learning as participants take the lead (for example a number of students have met in NYC and other locations to discuss readings and projects for the class).

Feel free to join us live tonight and get in on the conversation on twitter during and after the live stream with Mark and Franck of Startup Weekend. Listen here.


Cool Blog on Campus Entrepreneurship – Stanford

While just surfing through some tags on wordpress I found Dave Fowler’s Seems he is helping launch a startup in Silicon Valley before heading off to work for IBM in the fall. Check out this entry that comments on using Stanford’s talented people and resource rich eco-system. From the entry

I’ve also been to Stanford twice where we recruited our friend Zain for the team. Zain is a super bright guy who’s in the middle of his PhD at Stanford under Mark Horowitz, a founder of Rambus. Zain’s hooking us up with a server on the insanely fast stanford network, the original ISP for google! Stanford is an awesome awesome place. They get tons of money from wealthy alumni and venture capital. Their president is an EE professor supposedly worth over a billion dollars. There are startup clubs, classes, and recruitment posters all over. Its an incredibly exciting place. I’m glad I decided to take my summer course there instead of online.