The focus of my research is the intersection of students, high impact entrepreneurship and U.S. research universities, specifically exploring how and why students identify entrepreneurial opportunities and begin the firm formation process on campus (think Google, Nike, Dominos Pizza, Terracyle —  to name a few, very public examples).

My research questions focus on the processes students go through as they identify entrepreneurial opportunities and launch high impact firms on campuses and also what higher education assets, institutions and infrastructure entrepreneurs employ in indentifying entrepreneurial opportunities and launching high growth firms on campus?

I am in the process of creating case studies of two research universities in the U.S. and also creating and analyzing the first data base of high impact student entrepreneurs. I am interviewing entrepreneurs, professors, investors, and others involved with high growth firms created on campuses. Please email the names of companies or individuals that should be included in this work. Thank you.

dmillerq/@/ or campusentrepreneurship /@/

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  2. the development of campus enterpreneur is a sure bedrock for continuing economical development in any society. In Africa and Nigeria particularly, the disconnect between the larger economy and the campus economy is noticeable but now the nigerian society is desirous of encouraging students to undertake enterpreneurship activities. Some students are renowned for embracing crafts like hairdressing, graphics and general art, dance and entertainment, comedy and drama, public speaking, writing and the rest of them. My effort at consolidating this ‘work-study’ orientation is seeded in the yet to be published book tentatively titled ‘A TO Z OF CAMPUS LIFE’. I am open to partnership. +2347090226751

  3. Refentse Masha

    South Africa is embracing entrepreneurial mindset. I am studying entrepreneurship at university. I think this is a briliant concept and would love to give you more information about what is happening on our campus.

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