Recent Graduates Say Degrees Are Worth Time, Money Spent

I haven’t read the full results of the study from the American Council on Education, but the numbers are impressive. Say what you will about debt, job market challenges, and learning outcomes, 89% satisfaction is pretty high. From the American Council on Education press release:

The more than 2.4 million students who receive an undergraduate degree in the United States each year have college experiences that are individual and diverse, but the students are nearly unanimous in their opinion of the value of their degree. Polling conducted by The Winston Group on behalf of the American Council on Education (ACE) indicates that 89 percent of young alumni found their education worth the time and money spent.

In early 2010, ACE conducted a national survey of recent college graduates (25-39 years old) of two- and four-year institutions about their undergraduate experiences. Following on the 2010 survey, ACE conducted identical institution-level surveys of graduates from 22 individual colleges and universities which volunteered to participate in the study.

There is sure to be some debate over this, but it reminds us that higher education is consumer driven and pricing power may still be in the hands of the producers.


via ACE | Recent Graduates Say Degrees Are Worth Time, Money Spent.


InsideHigherEd: Politicans Praise/Warn Higher Ed Industry

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