First Annual ‘Save Detroit’ Business Plan Competition!

With all the calls for ‘pre-packaged’ bankruptcy for Detroit and/or $25-$50 billion in government funding for the US auto industry to ‘recreate itself,’ it is clear the industry needs a need business plan.picture-54

From dealership strategy and product offerings to brand consolidation and alternative fuels research/ production, the US auto industry needs a completely new business plan. The window for ideas must to be wide open. Frankly, I don’t believe Detroit and Washington are capable coming up with the correct solutions. (With all due to respect to the Senator — who lived blocks from me on Capitol Hill and appeared to be an upstanding neighbor.)

Because of that, this blog is announcing the 1st Annual Save Detroit Business Plan Competition. Plans (video or document/pdf/ppt) can be sent to campusentrepreneurship / @/ Deadline is December 15, 2008. See full info, rules and eligibility requirements (which are subject to change) below. Thanks for entering! Continue reading “First Annual ‘Save Detroit’ Business Plan Competition!”