Duke Law School Launches LLM in Law and Entrepreneurship

My research on entrepreneurship and universities in America has not taken me into many law schools. And to the best of my memory, I haven’t come across any law school students who launch start-ups. (Though I am sure some do exist and many have probably joined up with some MBAs or engineering students)

Appears that Duke University Law School is ready to do something about it and have launched an LLM in Law and Entrepreneurship.

From the program’s website:

Lawyers often are among a startup’s handful of founders or leadership teams. In this context, the relationship of the lawyer and the businessperson is so intertwined that a competent lawyer must understand business and a competent businessperson must understand the law. By focusing on this intersection, the new Law and Entrepreneurship LLM Program at Duke provides a valuable foundation for lawyers who plan to be involved with innovative ventures, either as advisers, executives or CEOs.

Building on Duke Law’s existing strengths in the fields of business law, intellectual property law, and innovation policy and strategic ties to entrepreneurial companies located in nearby Research Triangle Park, this program offers a distinctive and rigorous educational experience. It also meets a growing need within the legal and business communities for lawyers who can creatively counsel and lead the innovative ventures of today and tomorrow.