About David Joshua Miller, PhD

This website (and blog) is dedicated to the research and related activities of David Joshua Miller. Miller’s concepts, Campus Entrepreneurship,  explores the campus as frontier for innovation and entrepreneurship.

This site, and the research and teaching behind it, investigates student entrepreneurs,entrepreneurship education, university structures and institutions supporting entrepreneurship, markets created on or inspired by universities, technology transfer and commercialization policies across higher education.

You can read an overview of my theory of the campus as its own, innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem via SSRN. “The Campus as Entrepreneurial Ecosystem: The University of Chicago

Miller serves as Executive Director of the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship at George Mason University’s School of Business and also as Director of Campus Entrepreneurship at George Mason University.

In addition to a PhD from Mason — check out the dissertation — Campus as Frontier: High Growth Student Startups as US Colleges and Universities,  I hold an MBA from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business, an MSc from the University of London (SOAS), and a BA from the University of Michigan.

From 2008-2011, I served as CEO of Family Fantasy Sports. Previously I was the Co-Founder/COO of Creative Class Strategies, a global think tank; in the past I have held positions with CSIS, RollingStone.com (Tunes.com/Emusic.com), Machineweb.com, & Studley Inc. I live in Montgomery County, Maryland and have lived in London, Chicago, Osaka, and San Francisco.

Thank you for coming by, please contact us with any and all questions and thoughts.

David J. Miller

dmillerq/@/gmu.edu or campusentrepreneurship/@/gmail.com


11 thoughts on “About David Joshua Miller, PhD

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  4. mihir parekh

    i need some examles of new creative bsiness ideas that strated by some mba students. also i like this campus entrepreneurship. i need more information.

    1. Shravan

      Hey Mihir, Am Shravan and i do run my own business online and looking for some people to work with. if you are interested shoot an email and i will share my idea’s with you.


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  6. David…love the blog and site. Keep it coming. I’m based in CA and involved with a couple of campus-based entrepreneurship programs – Campus Footprint and RealAcad.org. Let me know if I can be a resource for you in any way.

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