MIT Student Entrepreneur Makes Climate Controlled Jacket

Cool article about an interesting innovation that an Indian student at MIT, Kranthi Vistakula dreamed up and executed on it. Love it. From the Economist Magazine:

His first approach was to build a jacket with built-in heating and cooling systems. Packed with motorised fans, heating pipes and electric wiring, the resulting apparel was bulky and weighed 7 kilograms. “When I wore it to college, my friends joked that I was going to blow up the place,” says Mr Vistakula. So he went back to the drawing board, and turned instead to a thermoelectric device called a Peltier plate, which operates like its better-known cousin, the thermocouple, but in reverse.

I shared that snippet because last year, a group of undergrad business students in my New Venture Creation class used a peltier system in their business plan for a efficient, constantly cooled & hygenic automatic salad dressing dispenser — no more crusty plastic bottles in melted ice at salad bars.

Vintakula of MIT has built a bunch of products and now has customers for his wares — both private and government. The company is Dhama Innovations — check out their stuff. Its pretty cool.

via Climate-controlled clothing: Don’t forget to recharge your jacket | The Economist.


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