Technology Review: The Entrepreneurship Ecosystem

Does your university or college offer a full fledged entrepreneurship ecosystem. Here is an article from Katherine Dunn in MIT’s Technology Review which explains the ecosystem at MIT and how it has grown more extensive and networked over time.

Over the last decade, dozens of organizations, courses, awards, and seminars have sprung up at the Institute, turning what was often a serendipitous route to the marketplace into a more formalized process. Today MIT offers support to everyone from high-school students to retired alumni on everything from developing ideas to preparing for an initial public offering, in cities as far flung as Boston and Dubai.

While the article is older, its explains the roots of entrepreneurship at MIT and that a culture of entrepreneurship has evolved amongst the engineering students and faculty. There recent interactions with Sloan School (Business) faculty and students has only increased the density of the ecosystem at Sloan. Walls must come down, as evidenced by the fact that outside entrepreneurs (such as the rock climbing gym entrepreneur) are welcomed into MIT.

Technology Review: The Entrepreneurship Ecosystem.


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