Swedish Entrepreneurs Get Shot at Untapped Patents

Our friends at Springwise highlight a new attempt to support entrepreneur and innovation.

Aiming to create opportunity, innovation and new businesses in southern Sweden, the Mobile Heights Business Center is a partnership between local industry, academia and the public sector that offers approved participants access to a bank of unexplored patents, business ideas and solutions requested by industry.

Anyone can apply for membership with MHBC, which requires an interview and test to prove the applicant’s entrepreneurial drive. Once approved, members are presented with a wide variety of as-yet-untapped patents and other business ideas provided by participating members of the telecom industry, including TeliaSonera, Ericsson and The Astonishing Tribe. In “Crash Lab” sessions led by professional business advisors, members can discuss any ideas they may have as a result; once a week, meanwhile, representatives from industry join in to listen and offer advice. Next, entrepreneurs develop a business plan with support from professional legal, HR, PR, marketing and business advisors. When they’re ready, they can present that plan at an “Investment Day” open to active investors. Spin-off companies are expected to show a positive cash flow within two years.

via Springwise newsletter | 3 November 2010.


One thought on “Swedish Entrepreneurs Get Shot at Untapped Patents

  1. Excellent idea, although regarding ownership, how would a particularly lucrative cake be divided? Does the MHBC or industry companies get a piece? What percentage then does the entrepreneur receive?

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