Joel Klein Joins News Corp as Education Investment Adviser

Rupert Murdoch is a titan of global entrepreneurship and he has set his sites on education according to the Wall Street Journal. BTW, I don’t know how old Murdoch is, but his new hire, Joel Klein of Clinton and NYC-Bloomberg pedigree, is not a fresh, young hot shot. Entrepreneurship is for people of all ages, its an approach and mindset — at the individual and societal level. These guys have it and will be on campus soon.

In his new role, Mr. Klein, 64, will advise News Corp. on opportunities to invest in digital initiatives in the education market, a person familiar with the matter said. Education is an area of interest for Mr. Murdoch, who believes the sector is “ripe for innovation,” the person said.

News Corp.’s efforts will focus on providing seed money to start-ups working on new technologies in the education arena.

“Education is the one industry where innovation has been missing,” Mr. Klein said in an interview. “In any other profession, if you fell asleep 50 years ago and woke up, you wouldn’t know what was going on. In education, we’ve missed the technological revolution,” he said.

He said he had conversations with Mr. Murdoch over the past few months and that “he, like me, thinks there’s enormous promise” in new learning tools, such as online platforms, including ones in use in New York City schools.

via Schools Chancellor Klein Resigns, Joins News Corp. –


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