Colleges Embrace Older Students, Part-Timers

The diversity of the campus is ever changing and its one of the reasons that the modern campus acts as a frontier of sorts. USA Today has an interesting piece on older, part-time students on American campuses.  Some interesting vignettes and statistics in the piece. It begins by describing 42 year old JoAn Block, a mom of 4 who is earning a BA with honors in clinical science at BU. From Sandra Block of USA Today.

While Blake is twice the age of the average BU graduate, it’s no longer unusual to see students like her on college campuses around the country. About half of today’s students are financially independent, 49% are enrolled part time, 38% work full time, and 27% have dependents of their own, according to the National Center for Education Statistics.

The diversity of US campuses offers amazing opportunities for innovative thinking and new firm development. Smart entrepreneurs and universities take advantage of the diversity in their midst.

Colleges embrace older students, part-timers –


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