Intuit Birth Relied on Stanford Student Founder –

Pretty interesting little piece on Intuit Founder Scott Cook, in the How I Built It column at the WSJ. Good surprise find of a student created venture. I did not have Intuit in the database I am building. From the WSJ:

Mr. Cook: My wife complained about doing the bills. It was a hassle. I had been trained at P&G to find a problem that everybody has and that you could solve with technology. And this struck me as a classic entrepreneurial opportunity. Nobody likes to pay bills. There were about 20-plus personal-finance software products already on the market. I hired a computer-science student at Stanford, who later became Intuit’s co-founder, and we tested the leading sellers. They were slow and a waste of time. So we built our first product, Quicken, totally differently than every other competitor.

I’ve never used their products, but seems like a pretty visionary company. Found an interesting site/book Inside Intuit.

via For Intuit Co-Founder, the Numbers Add Up –


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