Again US Dominates World’s Top Universities Rankings | Disconnect in DC Leadership

Once again U.S. universities dominate a global university rankings. Below, via Forbes, is coverage of the 2011 Times Higher Education World University Rankings.

But when it comes to higher education, the U.S. does better than any other country, according to the eighth annual ranking of the world’s top universities, put out by Times Higher Education, a London magazine that tracks the higher ed market. The 2011 World University Rankings are dominated by U.S. schools. They hold 75 spots among the top 200, up three schools since last year. Seven U.S. schools are in the top 10. The U.K. comes in a distant second, with 32 schools in the top 200 and three in the top 10. This year for the first time, THE published an extended list of 400 schools. For the complete list, click here.

I always find these global rankings interesting for two reasons:

1) its directly related to my research investigating the American campus as the frontier for entrepreneurs and

2) it affirms my belief that putting primary and secondary educators in leadership positions at Department of Education (no offense intended to Arne Duncan and the like) is insane. We reward the people from the ‘failing’ portion of our education system with lead policy making roles and keep our global leaders (higher education folks) out.

Has someone from higher education ever been Secretary of Education? Not that I can remember.

via The World’s Top Universities 2011 – Forbes.


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