4 Student Ventures Present @ Pitch Dingman 7 Oct 2011

Four University of Maryland student firms presented at the first Pitch Dingman Event of the 2011-2012 academic year. $2,750 in seed funding was available for the firms.

Of the four firms that presented (Birich Technologies, Triton Light Systems, ShadesforU.com, and UMD Party Operations), two were run by graduate students and relied heavily on technology innovation while the other two were run by undergraduates and focused on innovation in products and services for the campus market. We have seen impact and fortune created by both types of firms on the Maryland Campus and also globally.

Students participating were from engineering, liberal arts, and business and the six judges represented a variety of different industries (from commercial insurance and direct marketing to private equity and staffing).

The four teams split $2750 in prizes.

First Prize ($1500) to Triton Light Technologies — they use sub hunting techniques to find ‘cyber terrorists’ attacking GPS systems! That is scary stuff.

Second Prize ($750) and Audience Choice ($250) — Birich Technologies is licensing technology from the NIH to lower costs for specific types of laboratory scientist.

Third Prize ($250) — ShadesforU.com; fun, quality, stylish sun glasses targeting students at the University Maryland.

Here are some pictures from the event at the Smith School of Business (notice the Dingman Assessment criteria).

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