Two ASU Students Find Niche in Web Analytics | Student Entrepreneurs

From ASU to Silicon Valley, nice piece in Entrepreneur by Joel Holland profiling the journey Suhail Doshi and Tim Trefren have taken over the past few years, including time in Y Combinator.

The average student sees an internship as an opportunity to earn credits, gain experience and penetrate social circles that may lead to referrals or future entry-level positions. But Suhail Doshi, the 22-year-old co-founder of San Francisco analytics company Mixpanel, is far from average.

In 2008, following his sophomore year at Arizona State University, Doshi interned at Slide, a developer of social media apps. His stint there resulted in a business idea–and an investor.

As an intern, Doshi became increasingly aware that companies such as Slide, Facebook and social media game maker Zynga all shared a common burden: the need to build custom analytics in-house, because existing alternatives didn’t meet their needs.

While services like Google Analytics worked fine for tracking traditional usage metrics, Doshi realized that the new crop of social media, online gaming and application development companies needed a way to measure user engagement and interaction, not just page views.

Its a great read, make sure you visit and read the entire piece, there is a lot to learn — from going out and finding solid entrepreneurial internships to networking and proving your value while there.

via How Two College Students Found a Niche in Custom Web Analytics |


One thought on “Two ASU Students Find Niche in Web Analytics | Student Entrepreneurs

  1. Started at 22 such a young age – I agree that the standard Analytic like Google analytic don’t really tell the whole story for bigger enterprises. So that was a great idea on his part. Great post I will be sure to read the rest.

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