Why We Love Student Entrepreneurs: X-Men References that Old Reporters Don’t Get!

Inc story on Groupon Founder Andrew Mason’s interview with 60 Minutes highlights why we love student entrepreneurs and don’t watch 60 Minutes.

He said of getting rapped by regulators: “I’m not going to pretend like its been fun to have something that we poured our hearts into over the last three years, and see it criticized while we have our mouths taped shut.”

Then he added, sounding more like Groupon’s wacky deals copy than the CEO of a company that employs 10,000 people in 46 countries, “We’ve now been hazed, we’re like Wolverine and our skin has been melted off. We’ve had adamantium fused onto our bones. And it’s made us stronger as a result.”

(Lesley Stahl of “60 Minutes” failed to get the X-Men reference, saying “I’m not sure what that means.” Wolverine, for the record, is a near-indestructible mutant. He has a metal alloy, also nearly indestructible, called Admantium bonded to his skeleton.)

Later Mason, who came up with the core idea for Groupon while studying Public Policy at the University of Chicago, stated, “It was just this rocket ship ride that you couldn’t let go. But you didn’t want to let go either,” he said.

via Groupon CEO Andrew Mason: We Made a “Bush-League Mistake” | Inc.com.


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