Startup DC Student Career Expo | Mar 5 2012 | Hosted by GWU

I was fortunate to attend the Startup VA launch on Jan 31 @georgemasonu Founder’s Hall. Part of the initiative is to connect students to startup opportunities. I was fortunate to get my first taste of a startup while I was a student at the Booth School of Business. Couldn’t stop with startups after that. From Startup DC:

Startup DC is pleased to announce the Startup DC Student Career Expo on March 5th! For the first time ever, startups will be able to attend a single regional career fair for students eager to work for startups. Hosted by George Washington University, the Student Career Expo is a partnership between Startup DC, Startup Virginia, Startup Maryland, Georgetown, the University of Maryland, George Mason University and George Washington University. The goal is to give growing startups a single place to find the best students from across the region, while giving students a single place to find all the hottest startups for jobs and internships.With over 1,000 students expected to attend, we can only accommodate around 80 startups. To ensure that we’re getting the right startups to attend, we’re launching a contest to determine the hottest startups for college students to join. Use this forum to nominate a startup, vote for the best, and share commentary! Employers can register at

Students in the DC metro, please attend. Go see and meet entrepreneurs and their team members. See if you buy into their vision. Its an exciting opportunity. Startup Mason folks will be there.

via Startup DC Student Career Expo: Hot 54 ideas – Customer Feedback for Tech Cocktail.


2 thoughts on “Startup DC Student Career Expo | Mar 5 2012 | Hosted by GWU

  1. Andrew Sices

    I intend to attend this STARTUP DC Expo Career event on Monday, March 5th as a graduate of Boston University’s CDIA graphic design program seeking employment as a designer. Two questions:
    -Where on GWU’s campus?
    -What time does it start and finish?

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