The Case for a Trillion $ BoP Housing Market | #socent #socinn

Just read about a new e-book, The BIG IDEA: Global Spread of Affordable Housing from the Next Billion and their partners at Ashoka. Global housing (think slums, lack of legal rights, utilities, etc.) is an enormous issue with huge opportunities for social entrepreneurs and innovators. From SocialEarth:

Several months ago, NextBillion teamed up with one of our Content Partners, Ashoka Full Economic Citizenship, for a Twitter chat. Our mission: Source the most innovative and successful thought leaders and practitioners addressing the multiple challenges and market solutions to affordable housing and post their examples and ideas on our site to share with hundreds of thousands of our readers globally.

The discussion was lively, and ideas tumbled out even faster than your typical Twitter chat. It’s hard to find a topic with more complexities and more relevance to the poverty alleviation puzzle than affordable housing. From financing to land rights, from market incentives to build new homes to rehabilitation of self-built dilapidated dwellings, from new eco-friendly building materials to new social-business models that ensure sustainable and profitable development , affordable housing is a complex ecosystem with all its intricacies.

via New Ebook: The Case for a Trillion Dollar BoP Housing Market | SocialEarth.

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