Jobzle – Rhode Island Student Entrepreneurs

Found Jobzle, a new niche job site that helps families and other ‘casual employers’ find part-time workers and interns from a labor market composed of students.

Founders include some Brown University engineering students and and a computer science major at the University of Rhode Island. From the site:

We created Jobzle because we believe that searching for a job, or searching for an employee, should be about making connections and finding the perfect fit – not about struggling through complicated websites full of features you don’t need.

Jobzle allows employers to quickly & inexpensively advertise part-time jobs and internships directly to college students. Whether you need a babysitter for the weekend or an intern for the office, Jobzle has you covered.

Looking forward to learning more about Jobzle and their approach. BTW, we recently posted on the upcoming 2011 Rhode Island Business Plan Competition (which will award nearly $200,000 to start ups in Rhode Island.)

Jobzle – The quick and easy way to hire college students..


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