Pepperdine to Offer Masters for Entrepreneurs

Imagine if you could earn a masters degree in entrepreneurship and graduate with not only an MS, but also a start up! That is the goal of a new MSin Entrepreneurship being offered by Pepperdine University in California.

From Business Wire:

Students complete two trimesters of foundational studies in accounting, economics, finance and marketing. They then start a series of courses designed to assist them in conceiving, modeling, planning and founding their own business. Launching a new venture is the goal for each student in the program.

Students first develop a personally compelling and feasible venture idea with large market potential in creative innovation classes. The following courses flesh out a business model that will generate profits, build an effective organization and connect the business concept with the intended market. The curriculum also exposes students to the legal aspects of entrepreneurship and conducting business in global markets; as well as helps them discover their own leadership styles and how to manage their personal development. The final step is a course that pulls it all together, resulting in a business plan that students are required to present to a panel of potential angel and venture capital investors.

The Masters program is the antithesis of a business plan-writing program for weak disposable start-up concepts, says Dr. Cox. “The M.S. in Entrepreneurship puts would-be entrepreneurs on the fast-track to bringing an idea to market in 20 months – to building a business that is deliberately structured and built for profitability,” he said. “Our curriculum arms them with the skills and know-how to create, innovate, lead and manage a new venture that generates profits and creates jobs.”

Pepperdine University to Offer Masters Degree for Entrepreneurs | Business Wire.


2 thoughts on “Pepperdine to Offer Masters for Entrepreneurs

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