Harvard Business School Hosts Alumni New Venture Contests

Harvard Business School is holding its second annual Alumni New Venture Contest. A series of 12 regional business plan contests for Harvard Business School alum will be presented by various regional alumni clubs. The winner from each region will compete for $25,ooo on campus in April 2011.

This a cool twist on business plan contests and underscores the extent to which entrepreneurship can permeate an institution and its stakeholders globally. This ‘institutional’ entrepreneurship separates the real leaders from the wannabes when it comes to new firm development.

From the HBS website:

Harvard Business School’s Arthur Rock Center for Entrepreneurship and the Office of Alumni Relations are pleased to announce the second annual Alumni New Venture Contest (NVC). With over half of HBS alumni classifying themselves as entrepreneurs at some point in their lives, this Contest is designed to shine a spotlight on alumni ventures, support promising new ventures and award a $25,000 cash prize to the winning team.

Local Contests will be held by 16 participating HBS Alumni Clubs in 12 regions around the world.

The engagement of the global alumni in Harvard Business School’s culture of entrepreneurship is innovative and is appears to follow on the traditions of the MIT Enterprise Forum in some ways.

Alumni New Venture Contest – Business Plan – Entrepreneurship – Harvard Business School.


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