Stanford Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Grows

Many schools teach entrepreneurship, some have research centers, business plan competitions, and clubs. The leaders have seed funds that give students a chance to explore the feasibility of their ideas.

Stanford is a leading campus when it comes to entrepreneurship and a new seed fund deepens the web of entrepreneurship on campus. Early stage investment firm North Bridge Venture Partners has joined with the Asia-Pacific Entrepreneurship Society (ASES) and announced a $75,000 seed capital competition. North Bridge was a key sponsor of business plan competition during Stanford’s just completed Entrepreneurship Week.

There direct deal with ASES is an interesting extension. From the North Bridge Venture Partners press release:

“North Bridge has been very successful identifying and developing new business ideas from the seed stage,” said Cali Tran, principal at North Bridge Venture Partners’ San Mateo office. “In our 2010 seed competition, we saw some great ideas coming from university campuses, so this year we decided to concentrate our efforts there. ”

North Bridge’s inaugural 2010 seed capital competition provided funding for two companies — Magoosh, an online multi-media test preparation company based in Berkley, California and Profitably, a web-based business intelligence and improvement service for small, medium businesses based in New York. Both companies took full advantage of funding, development support and guidance from North Bridge to advance their businesses and expand their market opportunity.

Will more early stage investors start official partnerships with campuses?

North Bridge Venture Partners Announces $75K Stanford Seed Capital Competition.


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