Kelley Institute for Social Impact Launched at Indiana University

Indiana’s Kelley School of Business has entered the social entrepreneurship space, focusing on undergraduates. From a school press release:

To support those and other efforts, the school has established the Kelley Institute for Social Impact (KISI), a new initiative that provides support, resources and additional direction for business students involved in an expanding array of social enterprise and community engagement activities outside the classroom.

Molly Barwick, the other director of the institute and director of civic leadership development at Kelley, said a growing number of grass-roots efforts within the school created a demand for KISI. In recent years, many undergraduate student organizations with overlapping missions have been formed or began focusing more on making an impact on society, both in the United States and abroad.

“Students are really inter-relating with what they’re learning in their classes with social impact efforts,” Barwick said, adding that international experiences have opened the eyes of many to greater social needs. “They see that they can work for a for-profit business and still do good.”

I am excited to see what Kelley, a great business school, does with its undergraduates. I believe that undergraduates are an area of great opportunity for universities entering the social entrepreneurship space.


via Kelley Institute for Social Impact supports increasing business student interest in engagement: IU News Room: Indiana University.


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