Research Update on Student Entrepreneurs

I visited the Polsky Center at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business

Over the past few weeks I have begun my research in earnest — specifically collecting data via interviews. I have done most of my interviewing in person, having traveled to Chicago for 5 days and having been all around the Washington DC metro (VA, DC, MD).

Thus far I have interviewed more than 10 entrepreneurs that launched high impact firms while students, 9 faculty members, 2 investors, and 2 philanthropists supporting entrepreneurship education at the university level. I have many more interviews planned for the next few months.

If you know of any entrepreneurs that launched their firms on a campus, professors working with student entrepreneurs, or others (administrators, investors, philanthropists, etc.) working with students launching firms please let me know.




BTW, I am in the final stages of preparing my dissertation proposal. I am scheduled to defend


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