Student Entrepreneur Introduces Chocolate Toothpaste | Tulane

Four years ago Tulane PhD candidate Arman Sadeghpour was searching for natural compounds to make teeth stronger. He discovered that an extract of the cocoa bean would do that, leading to… chocolate toothpaste and a company called Theodent. From Mike Hoss of Eyewitness News:

“I thought he was a little crazy,” said Joseph Fuselier. “But, after hearing the story more and more, it sounded like there was huge, enormous potential in it.”

Now, after more than four years, countless tests, studies and FDA approvals, that crazy idea is about to hit the shelves.

“I feel great,” exclaimed Sadeghpour. “I feel really great about it. We are obviously very excited and it will come to life when it is on the shelves.”

Theodent, in a chocolaty brown tube and extra strength Theodent 300, which will be marketed to dentist offices, will be available on the Internet and in Whole Foods Stores at the beginning of the year.

via Developers say chocolate toothpaste will be a hit | New Orleans.


One thought on “Student Entrepreneur Introduces Chocolate Toothpaste | Tulane

  1. Gina McNair

    I am so excited to find out about this discovery. My 12 year old daughter was very recently diagnosed with periorifical dermatitis caused by flouride toothpaste. We switched her to a non-flouride natural toothpaste, but I’ve had concerns about how we could effectively prevent tooth decay without flouride. I will be purchasing Theodent for her (and the whole family) as soon as it is available. Thank you, Dr. Sadeghpour!

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