Does Your School Have of a Manager of Entrepreneur Development?

From the Boston Business Journal (btw, does your school have a manager of entrepreneur development?):

Cindy Klein-Marmer has been named manager of entrepreneur development at Babson College. She is responsible for the Babson Venture Accelerator and the design and implementation of the student entrepreneur programming as well as the coordination of mentors and advisors that support the Accelerator program. Klein-Marmer joined Babson’s Graduate School Center for Career Development in 2004, most recently working as associate director with students interested in technology, life sciences, energy and entrepreneurial careers.

via Human Capital:People on the move, Sept. 15 – Boston Business Journal.


3 thoughts on “Does Your School Have of a Manager of Entrepreneur Development?

  1. I like the idea of colleges having a manager of Entrepreneur Development. My business school had various professors that would provide introductions to mentors and advice for students wanting to start their own business but no one was formally designated with a Manager title. I am sure other universities will follow Babson’s good example.

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