Babson College To Establish Global Entrepreneurship Education Standards

The business of higher education in America has always been defined by entrepreneurs moving forward through various creative methods. Great leaders built great universities and brands — for example, how do Harvard, Cambridge, and MIT compare to Nike, Coca-Cola, and Toyota?

Babson, with its leading brand in entrepreneurship education, is expanding abroad and using its well earned brand to export its model of entrepreneurship education. A recent CityBizList Boston article highlights Babson’s expansion into Pakistan through a partnership with the Institute of Business Administration.

As part of a consulting relationship, Babson College will provide technical services to develop and manage the school, as well as establish the Center for Entrepreneurship Excellence. Babson will assist in the design of IBA’s entrepreneurship curriculum and the development of its faculty. Babson also will advise on the development of support services and infrastructure for the Center, and advise IBA on the management of it ongoing operations.

IBA will be an inaugural member of Babson’s Global Consortium for Entrepreneurship Education (GCEE). GCEE is a select network of global partners-institutions of higher education from around the world-that share Babson’s vision of educational, economic, and societal change driven by the power of entrepreneurial thought and action. The group will jointly develop state of the art curricula, perform research on entrepreneurship development, initiate collaborative projects with international partners, and create a platform for the global exchange and integration of best practices in entrepreneurship education. Its mission is to create a platform that leads both the teaching and practice of entrepreneurship.

Babson is using its brand to create standards (an ‘accrediting’ body — GCEE) for the teaching of entrepreneurship globally. If successful, this will benefit Babson, but will ultimately bring more sustainable social and economic development abroad through entrepreneurship.

via Citybizlist Boston – Babson College To Help Establish Center For Entrepreneurship Excellence At Pakistan’s Institute of Business Administration.


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