Compass Partners Fills Gaps Left By University | #SOCENT #SOCINN

These two passionate young innovators didn’t lack zeal or confidence (they probably had too much), but the university environment simply didn’t provide the support, knowledge or skills that they needed to succeed.

The above, according to the Our Story page of Compass Partners,  was a real problem that needed solving. Students launching social ventures needed support and universities were failing.  In 2009 Compass Partners would be created to solve this problem for students and universities.

Compass Partners is on 15 campuses today and “provides resources, training and a vibrant support network to students with innovative ideas to change the world through business.” They offer “campus-based social entrepreneurial incubators” and use creative methods of education, making an investment in each student through their programs and mentoring.

I was lucky enough to listen to their VP of Communications (and Hoosier), Wiliam J Huster (@whusterj) at the Mason Center for Social Entrepreneurship #AgeofAusterity event today. Compass Partners has an interesting model that is spreading to campuses across the world. What is your school doing on the social entrepreneurship front? Building, buying, partnering, ignoring?

via Our Story- Compass Partners.


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